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Plug-In Hybrid EV

Modern hybrid electric vehicles use both an internal combustion engine and one or more electric motors with a battery. They may offer a limited range of electric driving mileage, but they will always be more fuel efficient than a non-hybrid counterpart.

Regenerative Braking

Hybrid electric vehicles rely on regenerative braking to recharge the battery system. The vehicle will capture the kinetic energy spent while braking and transfer that back to the battery to be used by the electric motor.

Benefits of an Electric Motor

Thanks to the extra power gained from the electric motor, a hybrid electric vehicle can use a smaller engine. In addition, the battery can help power auxiliary items like the sound system, headlights, and climate control. The battery can also help reduce engine idling while stopped. These benefits will help increase fuel efficiency while also helping to improve performance.

Hybrid Designs

Along with their fuel-efficient powertrain system, hybrid electric vehicles will also often utilize exterior design elements to increase their efficiency. This could include features like low rolling resistance tires and aerodynamic design elements like smooth exterior panels.

Hybrid Systems

Hybrid vehicles cover a broad spectrum of technology. At one end, mild hybrid systems can be found in many modern vehicles and include features like automatic stop/start that stops the engine when the vehicle comes to a stop and starts it back up again when the brake is released. These mild hybrid systems cannot power the vehicle using electricity alone, but they do increase the vehicle's fuel economy.

Full hybrid models come with larger battery packs and may have the ability to power the vehicle using its stored electric power offering a limited electric driving range.

With a plug-in electric vehicle, an external power source recharges the battery in addition to the on-board engine and regenerative braking system.

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